#M01 is much like #M00 but with a pair of 29+ wheels and narrower hub spacing. The owner of #M01, Francis, idealized the Torkeresque, split top tube. His affinity for SE Racing Bikes inspired the custom Moonmen word mark, based on the Landing Gear fork typeface. The fade to black media blast was Francis' idea as well.

     At Moonmen, we are inspired by what inspires you. We want your dreams of the perfect ride to become a reality. If you aren't sure if it can be done, feel free to ask. Challenge us, we look forward to it. 

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#M01 features, in all it's single speed glory, our Mension System. Delivering rock solid chain tension through elegant design and craftsmanship.

#M01 features the Moonmen Bolt Seatpost, Lupine ForkBuckeye Stem and Moonriser Handlebar


All custom bicycle purchases can be made by contacting the fabricator todd@moonmenbikes.com directly. Click here for more information.