#M03 comes commissioned by our friend, Danijel, a single speed enthusiast from Slovenia. He and Todd met through the suprisingly small community of single speeders. They met at the Single Speed World Championships in Italy where they bonded over bikes and beer. 

#M03, much like #M00, features Moonmen's Mension System, Moonriser Handlebar, Buckeye Stem, Bolt Seatpost and Lupine Fork.  

Working with someone so far away to build them the bike of their dreams is a great opportunity to broaden horizons. So I asked Danijel about it...

"I was born in ex Yugoslavia. Those were times when the whole country was crying after death of so called “great leader” Tito. Probably I was crying too. Only few months later I got my first bicycle. Actually it was a tricycle - my first single speed, produced in one of our dirty socialistic factories. I guess I destroyed it instantly and soon after I got my first proper single speed bike. It was smuggled from eastern Germany. That was really a “Mercedes-Benz” of a bike. Or perhaps better said Trabant, which used to be called eastern Germany’s Mercedes? Several generations of us, kinds, smashed knees on that bike during our trick-learning sessions. At the end, I can still remember that sad day when dad noticed that I overgrew it. I was crying. 

Times changed. Iron curtain felt. Bicycle technology evolved. And one day I realized that my crazy expensive carbon fiber full suspension bike with too many gears just collects dust in the garage. The reason was old rigid single speed Kona, which stole its place in my heart. And ever since I am a passionate single speeder who adores simplicity of life in all perspectives.

Now, many years later, I have a chance to get my dream childhood bike replicated in high quality and high performance version. Thanks to Moonmen."

- Danijel Kovačič


Danijel aboard his 1st single speed


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