#M05 was made for our buddy Dejay. Dejay is an adventurous traveler who needed a light bike that could carry lots of cargo and break down easily. 

#MO5 accommodates fat tires for all weather use and can fit into an airport checkable case. It's lightweight titanium structure allows the rider to haul ass while providing durability enough to carry all your crap.

 Based on how everything is still shiny, this would be the  beginning  of Devon and Dejay's adventure last year on the  Colorado Trail

Based on how everything is still shiny, this would be the beginning of Devon and Dejay's adventure last year on the Colorado Trail

These two adventurers, Devon and Dejay are always ready for a trip. It's only distance and it's only time. Nothing but a severe, high alpine, lighting and snow storm slows them down, and then, only temporarily. Because another adventure is always on the horizon. When Devon goes backcountry he's gonna treat you to his journey with excellent photos. The following photos feature Devon's bike, #M04, above, but mainly Dejay and his bike, #M05 along the Colorado Trail seen through Devon's lense this past summer. 

It must be said that Dejay is one gnarly, shredder. He possess many of the key ingredients of a seasoned bike rider, speed, stamina, agility, plus he owns a well worn party hat. And he's as good at throwing a race>>>party as he's racing>>>partying in them. So Pro, yo.

Then there's the soft side, or the philanthropic side, also known as bike riding with books. Dejay has been Riding for Reading now for a minute. This program delivers books to schools, by bike, all over the country. Providing kids with absolutely free books they can take home, read and put on their shelves.

 "Can I build you a fire?"

"Can I build you a fire?"



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