Thursday Night Lights - Socked in with Oddity

It was a pleasure and a privilege to roll with Sean Burns and his pal, Thad from KC. Sean and his family relocated earlier this year from KC to Estes, just in time for a 100 year flood which isolated Estes from the rest of the world for awhile there. Sean is settled in, the road up Big Thompson Canyon is rebuilt and he's tooling up his shop to start building his brand of bicycles, Oddity. Pretty stoked for him and this new endeavor. Paul, Todd and I took these two FC, single track newbies around Dixon, up Maxwell for the big payoff view of Horsetooth Reservoir. Though visibility was scant with some nice low lying, snow heavy clouds hanging over the Res.


It was rad to get the current on the KC MTB scene from these two. It happens every time but I'm continually blown away to hear that folks be riding and cultivating their bike culture all over the land, just like us.

Moonmen is building. Stay tuned, all 2 of you, for the grand launch of Thus far we've been having a soft opening.

- Ryan



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