Lotta love to give

It has been a crazy few months here at Moonmen and you could even roll that back to when we pressed go on this project well over a year ago. To get a new company off the ground takes some serious effort and a custom bike company carries several unique challenges on its own. Many, many sleepless nights (even though that comes with the Moonmen territory) have been put into making this company real and in turn the bikes that we love and want to share with others. This has been a dream in the making and each passing day gets us a bit closer to realizing that dream. Every bike built, welded, and under a happy customer fuels the fire that drives Moonmen and serves as a bench mark of where we were are and where we are going. Nothing great is done alone and Moonmen is certainly no exception. From the likes and positive comments on all the media, to the nods from industry folks to let us know we have made something note worthy, to our friends that drop in and give high fives, all of this support has made this endeavor that much more special. To get positive feedback on something that was once an apparition late night or out on a ride and then made real with your sweat and sometimes blood is a very satisfying thing. Yet this project has taken much more to become reality. To create something unique, to make something that you feel proud of, to find a path for yourself that fulfills that most basic human desire doesn't come easy. Moonmen launched as a collective and slowly has become a one man effort to see the vision through. My main man and close confidant Ryan Mckee has made an everlasting mark on Moonmen literally and physically. Ryan is responsible for many things at Moonmen but most notably the word marks, logo, and brand that adorn our frames. Ryan has been integral in getting Moonmen to where it is and will forever be a part of Moonmen. He has gone on to pursue other projects and while we wish him the best we know that the other endeavors Ryan is a part of are lucky to have him. We hope to carry on and make Ryan proud.

The love I have carries further to my family, friends, and customers that have been by my side from the beginning. Thank You! My partner in crime and partner in life Jess has kept my head on straight in the darkest of times and stood by my me to help form Moonmen into something that I am proud of. Without her Moonmen does not exist. Further, the customers we have cultivated are some of the most supportive and and amazing people I can think of. Taking a gamble on a new company is a risk and and I can't thank them enough for letting me have that chance. Patience, support, and passion make for great clients and all of the Moonmen owners fill this category. Thank you all so much and know that I am here because you stood by me. Moonmen continues on to further our brand, build exceptional bikes, and to spread the joy of riding bikes as far as we can.

Todd- Moonman for life




All custom bicycle purchases can be made by contacting the fabricator todd@moonmenbikes.com directly. Click here for more information.