Moonmen Bikes

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Moonmen begins at ground zero with our first fabrication, #M00. Each one of our bikes are labeled with a hash tag and model number so that you, our fans and customers, can track our progress.

  #M00 is the culmination of childhood memories, years of custom bicycle fabrication experience, and new ideas for bicycle technology. 

    This first bike is a manifestation of an idea that started for us as kids. Our two-wheeled adventure began on BMX's where we found freedom in ripping around on our tiny bikes. These childhood experiences are exactly what inspired this beautiful titanium rig - a toy for adults.  

    The split top tubes speak to the original lines of Torker, Haro and other brands of BMX bikes. The short back end lends itself to a leaned-back single track riding flow and is, of course, ideal for wheelies. The plate and titanium drops are both elegant and burly replicas of many of the 24" and 20" wheeled bikes that started it all.

Moonmen brought a unique new technology to a classic design.

Our mension system uses an infinitely adjustable chain stay to dial in your chain or belt tension. Each mension system is designed and fabricated in our hometown of Fort Collins, CO. 

This bike is all about playing. Moonmen bikes are foremost about the joy of riding, although the benefits of the well thought out design don't hurt. Especially when you're floating over a fluffy spring snow storm, bike packing across the desert, or taking a podium at your local race series. 



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