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Moonmen begins at ground zero, hence the name of our first rig, #M00. Moonmen is a custom bike builder so you, our fans and customers, can track our progress we are hash tagging all of our bikes for you to check out images wherever they might be, on the inter webs or Instagram. Use them to inspire your Moonmen. This bike is a manifestation of an idea that started for us as kids. Our two-wheeled adventure began on BMX bikes. The freedom found from ripping those first bikes inspired this beautiful titanium rig. The split top tubes speak to the original lines of Torker, Haro and other brands. The short back end lends itself to leaned-back single track flow and, of course, wheelies. The plate, titanium drops are both elegant and burly replicas of many of the 24" and 20" wheeled bikes that started it for us.

Now for the next level. Moonmen has created a unique chain tensioning system that utilizes a machined, US made titanium insert which threads into the chain stay to achieve absolute tension. Introducing The Mension System. 

This bike is all about playing. While it might have specific applications such as floating over a fluffy spring snow storm, bike packing across the desert or taking a podium at your local race series, Moonmen bikes are foremost about joy.