Moonmen Bikes

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Why buy a custom bike?

There is nothing like the ride of a custom titanium bike that has been built just for you. Whether you are a large or small rider - you need a bike that works with you, not one you have to work against.

At Moonmen, we use your measurements, design preferences and functional needs to have our industry experts create a custom bike that is made to fit your needs.  Every detail is considered by our fabricators when designing your bike so that you don't have to.

How do I order a Moonmen bike?

Send us an email for specific information on ordering your custom bicycle. We can give you a quote specific to your needs! Or if you know you are ready for a bike and would like to get in line now you can place an order online here

What are your wait times?

Wait times vary. Email for current wait times.

Because we are a small 2 person company that works with local vendors, schedules may be subject to change due to circumstances outside of our control.

We do our best to keep our production to a timeline and keep our wait times short. Every purchase requires patience and understanding from our customers should timeline extensions arise, which can happen.

Rest assured that you will be regularly updated on the status of your order, but know that we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you prefer a strict timeline and expectations that can’t be met by just two people, we understand.

If you feel like you’ve met your match in Moonmen, email for current wait time.

What is the Moonmen process?

Step 1: Communication

First we chat to figure out if you and Moonmen are a good fit for your needs and budget. You let us know what you need and what you can spend, and we let you know what we can do for you. 

Step 2: Place Deposit

This is how you reserve your place in line. You put down an initial deposit to go toward your full purchase total and receive a spot in our building queue. 

Step 3: Sort Out the Details

This is when we exchange information about you and your bike. We will get your measurements, build your design concept, and sort out your component preferences.

Step 4: Design

Your bike turns from an idea into a computer rendering during this step. You will be sent a rendering to confirm key measurements and details. Upon your approval, this design will go on to be built.

Step 5: Fabrication

This is where the magic happens. Your bike will be hand-built by owner and fabricator Todd Heath. His obsessive nature comes in handy as he pours over every detail of your bike. This and the quality control check each bike receives ensures the highest quality of every product we send out the door.

Step 6: Finish

This is when your Moonmen gets its rockin' style.

During this step each product is brushed and polished by hand. Then your bike and custom components get etched with the design of your choice. Our wide variety of wordmarks and designs ensure your Moonmen is both unique and fits into your personal aesthetic.  

Step 7. Build Up

This is our favorite part. During this step your bike becomes whole. Each component you and our experts have hand picked for your build are professionally assembled with your new frame. We fine-tune your bike to your exact specifications to make sure it's the perfect ride for you.

Then your bike will be photographed and delivered to your door in recyclable packaging. Unless you prefer to pick it up in person, then just let us know so that we can make sure the fridge is full of delicious beer


What is the warranty on Moonmen products?

Each Moonmen frame is guaranteed to be free of any manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the frame. If there is an issue with one of our frames, Moonmen will work directly with the customer on a case by case basis to resolve said issue in a timely manner. Moonmen will decide if a repair or replacement is the appropriate course of action. This guarantee applies solely to the original purchaser of the Moonmen frame.


All other Moonmen products are guaranteed to be free of any manufacture defects for 5 years from the purchase date. If an issue does arise, Moonmen with work the customer on a case by case basis to determine if a repair or replacement is the appropriate course of action. This guarantee applies solely to the original purchaser of the Moonmen product.

Crash and or Accident Repair/ Replacement- If there is a crash or accident involving you Moonmen product, please contact us to discuss your options. While we will not repair or replace a Moonmen product that falls outside of the above listed guarantee free of charge, we will work with the customer to resolve the issue as best we can. Our ultimate goal is to keep Moonmen customers on our products and to keep those smiles going.


All custom titanium and steel bicycle frame, handlebar, fork, stem, or component purchases can be made in our store or by contacting Click here for more information.